Yoga & Ayurveda for Self Healing

An Approach to Self-care Wellness

A free informational night presented by Anne Cleveland, Ayurvedic Yoga Therapist.

September 22, 6:30-8:00 pm.  Call to sign up. 858-459-5900

Learn and practice ways to promote good health through breathing, yoga and meditation.

The focus will be on developing a daily routine of restorative practices based upon Ayurvedic Principles.

These practices are known to:

  • Reverse the aging process
  • Ease major life changes & challenges
  • Boost the immune system
  • Trigger the body’s natural healing abilities, gently balancing life energies and bringing health and well-being
  • Relieve stress, anxiety and insomnia

See the class schedule for more details.

Ancestral Cuisine


In addition to offering lunchtime guided meditations and Mindfulness classes here at the clinic to support our patients, and ourselves!, we are also working with Annie Dru ( to teach this healthful approach to cooking, eating, and living. Below please find an article she has written, and I am happy to share it with you.

We will be hosting a free informational event here at PDG Health and Wellness Center that will provide an even deeper understanding of what this is about and what it can mean for you and your loved ones.

Wednesday October 5, 6:30-9:30pm. Please RSVP by calling 858-459-5900.

We are also hosting this series of classes for members of the clinic and the community. Please call to learn more.

Introduction to Ancestral Cuisine

by Annie Dru

We hear a lot about food these days. Words like ‘low-fat’ and ‘cholesterol-fr­ee’ are being replaced by words like ‘farm-to-table’ and ‘locally grown’. It’s an exciting time to be a ‘foodie’ to say the least!

But when it really comes down to it, what constitutes a ‘healthy diet’ anyway? Is it vegan, Paleo or Whole 30? Is it ketogenic, gluten-free or Mediterranean? Does it really matter if our food is organic? Freerange? Grass-fed? Where do we lo­ok for answers? Which authorities do we turn to for accurate information?

If you’re confused by all the hullabaloo then welcome to the club! It’s downright crazy-making to tackle these questions in today’s atmosphere of media saturation and information overload! The good news is that there are answers to these and other questions relating to optimal nourishment in the twenty-first century, but where do we find them? Ahhh… this is where it gets interesting.

As it turns out, there was a man of our great grandparent’s generation who was likewise confused. As a dentist, he was in a unique position to observe the first visible signs of the negative impact industrial food was having on the youngest members of our society. Being a man of great curiosity in possession of an innately scientific mind, he sought answers to questions similar to our own by asking other questions. Questions like… are there, anywhere on the planet, people embodying the highest degree of physical excellence as represented by perfect dental health, while simultaneously enjoying robust immunity, un-compromised reproductive function and longevity? If so, what are they eating?

It’s been said that a genius isn’t necessarily someone with all the answers, but rather someone who knows which questions to ask. By that standard I believe we can safely say that Dr. Weston A. Price was indeed a genius. In a quest to discover truly healthy human specimens; those impervious to both the rampant infectious and escalating degenerative diseases of his time, Dr. Price- assisted by his intrepid wife Florence, dedicated ten years to circumnavigating the globe in search of the ‘perfect’ diet. Fourteen countries and countless notes, photos, film reels and food & soil samples later, this real-life ‘Indiana Jones’ returned to his clinic in Cleveland Ohio to coalesce the vast information into his seminal manuscript Nutrition and Physical Degeneration.

You might be wondering what commonalities he unearthed. What did the Eskimo diet have to do with the Polynesian diet? The Swiss Alps diet to do with the Peruvian diet? The Native American Canadian diet to do with the diet of the Maasai tribesmen/women of Kenya? And more importantly, did any of their diets confer the kind of health Dr. Price was so eagerly seeking? The answers to these as well as the most pressing nutritional questions of our own day are exactly what we’re going to explore in this six-week ‘ancestral cuisine’ series.

We’ll discover what the dietary elements; grease, guts, bones, grass, shoots and pickles have to do with imparting genetic wealth in the form of lasting immunity to both infectious and degenerative disease, reliable reproductive capacity, longevity and most importantly the highest level of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual expression one can hope to attain in human form.

What are these crazy-sounding elements you ask? Why they’re the very dietary principles Dr. Price found to be consistently employed by our wise ancestors around the globe; men and women, young and old, who were the absolute personification of the perfect health he sought to discover! They are as follows:

Grease– vital saturated fat and cholesterol

Guts– organ meats and offal

Bones– meat-on-the-bone, meat stock & bone broth

Grass– safe-to-consume raw, pasture-raised animal food

Shoots– properly prepared seed foods and grains

Pickles– lacto-fermented & cultured foods

A few of these food categories may be familiar to you, if only by way of memory; perhaps your grandparents enjoyed them. Others may be popping up on hip-restaurant menus in your very own community. Still others may be unfamiliar, baffling or downright scary sounding!

If you’re interested in learning more about these six ancient dietary principles and how they have served to impart much sought-after beauty, immunity, functionality and longevity to our species since the beginning of human history, join us for this in-depth exploration into the world of traditional food preparation. Here are just a few of the topics we will pursue:

*How our dietary choices influence the development and course of the most feared diseases and disorders of our time.

*How attention to the dietary protocol of mothers and fathers-to-be was the number one priority of our wise ancestors, and how to restore and protect the genetic wealth of your own lineage for generations to come utilizing their tried and true food wisdom.

*How these ancient food preparation techniques were translated into ‘haute cuisine’ as far back as the 17th century, and later refined by the father of classical French technique, Georges Auguste Escoffier into the very flavors we now identify with ‘five-star’ cookery.

*How to apply the ‘six principles of ancestral cuisine’ to breakfast, lunch and dinner in your own kitchen, seven days a week, three hundred and sixty-five days a year and love it!

We will divide our class time between discussion/exploration and hands-on kitchen skill-building, and of course tasting! Come ready to create and sample such gustatory delights as:

*Duck Fat French Fries w/ Homemade Lacto-fermented Ketchup

*Roasted Bone Marrow/Herb Butter on Sourdough Crackers

*Naturally Sparkling Lemon & Heirloom Beet Kvass

*Coconut Milk/Lemon Grass & Salmon Head Soup

*Crispy Almond Cookies w/ Creme Fraiche Ice Cream

I promise you will leave this class series with an understanding of what constitutes truly deep nutrition, as well as the skills to begin implementing these concepts in your own kitchen right away. Moreover, I guarantee that those lucky enough to be on the receiving end of your serving spoon will be absolutely blown away by the depth of flavor you bring to the table once in possession of this ancient knowledge. I look forward to sharing this life-altering journey with you!


Please call PDG Health and Wellness Center to find out how to register for the next class series with Annie. Limited attendance and the spots fill quickly! 858-459-5900

Also see the class schedule for more details.

Announcing PDG Health and Wellness Center


A new conversation is happening in mainstream healthcare and, frankly, I am geeking out on this one. The return to patient-centered care, to approaching health, wellness, anti-aging, and even optimization of our potentials and possibilities is a welcome rediscovery of owning and directing our own lives. Mounting evidence that our thoughts, emotions, perspectives, and perceptions create either illness or optimal wellness prevails. Likewise, our environments – the spaces we move through and the people we surround ourselves with- also greatly influence our health.

In our modern western medical culture, lifestyle choices were long thought to be auxiliary considerations to health management. Finally, the understanding that mind/body/environment and lifestyle choices lie at the center of chronic disease and conversely, at the heart of optimal health, is becoming widely accepted.

We live in a time that’s simultaneously exciting and challenging. Exciting in the sense that Eastern ideologies and a holistic approach to modern day medicine is becoming more mainstream. That people are choosing prevention, anti-aging, and optimization of health strategies as their preferred paths to wellness is a move in the right direction. The challenge though is the with the rapid rise of health “experts” posting through the various media streams, we are inundated with so much information that this often conflicting advice can be quite confusing. It is in times such as this it is imperative to get to know your local healthcare providers.  With the right healthcare team on your side, together you can work to find what is best for you and your specific needs.

The past 6 years at the integrative clinic setting on Fay Avenue, in which I likely met you and we began our work together, have been very rewarding. I submersed myself into further studies, expanding and honing my skills to better serve your needs.  I learned from colleagues there as well, and we served our patients by cross-referring and consulting each other on difficult cases. These years have been nothing short of rewarding, and I remain grateful for my time there and the continued professional and personal relationships built in that clinic.

A humble but warm, accessible, and flexible place became available in April, and I recognized it as an opportunity to create a space to hold this ongoing conversation in a way that would better serve my patients and community. I secured a lease and have since completed the remodel.

And now for the fun part – assembling a collaborative team of talented and passionate professionals committed to providing quality healthcare in ways beyond that which individual efforts can offer. Expect more announcements regarding additional team members and services to arrive soon, but please allow me to briefly introduce the first five individuals that I am so thankful to have join me in this new center.

Dr. Jacqui Slavin, DC, Functional Wellness

Dr. Slavin’s specialty is Internal Medicine. She is passionate about the comprehensive functional medicine approach for identifying the underlying causes of chronic disease, and recognizes that lifestyle choices, genes, and environmental influences can and do affect our health in profound ways.

Amy Krasner, Holistic Nutritionist and Natural Chef

Amy holds that good nutrition is the foundation for living a vibrant, happy, and successful life, and that health is not only about the food that we eat, but the way we move, the thoughts we think, and our relationships with others.  She is dedicated to providing practical and effective solutions to help you live the life you dream to create.

Fernanda Aguiar, Registered Dietitian and Board Certified in Sports Dietetics

Fernanda teaches athletes how to maximize performance with nutrition, while also helping you understand how your body can recover and improve most effectively. She is passionate about helping individuals make healthy decisions for optimal performance, in athletics and in life.

Lorraine M. Hobbs, MA, Therapist and Mindfulness Leader

Lorraine is an experienced family therapist and the Director of the Youth and Family Programs at the UCSD Center for Mindfulness. Her concern for the adverse effects of stress on the social and emotional development of teens led Lorraine to develop pioneering work in the area of self-compassion for teens and parents. Lorraine will be offering mindfulness-based programs and core skills training to families, individuals, and professionals in our new space.

Bram Wiley, Meditation Leader and Personal Trainer

Bram has been teaching meditation for the past two and a half years in La Jolla Village.  After experiencing the life-changing and positive effects of meditation in his own life, he was inspired to share this gift with others.  His methods are grounded in current research and focus on making wide-spread changes by reducing stress, employing mindful compassion, and practicing gratitude.

As you might have noticed, there is a lot of synergy between all of us with significant overlapping of skills, strengths, training and experience. This is how we are able to collaborate as a team and best serve you – our patients, clients, and community. This is how we at the PDG Health and Wellness Center differentiate our collective selves from the integrative clinic model of the past. By bringing our unique experiences together with our shared belief in patient-centered holistic healthcare and lifestyle education, we are more than a clinic of divergent specialties.  We are a team committed to providing you a healthful resource of riches.

Yours in health,


PS. We now have classes, workshops, and meditations. See the class schedule for more details.