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Paul Gamache, LAc works with men, women, and children of all ages and for a variety of family health complaints. Conditions treated include musculoskeletal injuries, autoimmune and chronic diseases, digestive complaints, food allergies and sensitivities, vitamin deficiencies, toxins, hormone imbalances, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, insulin resistance, and weight loss.


Functional Medicine

Like Chinese Medicine, Functional Medicine addresses the underlying causes of disease, using a patient-centered approach engaging both patient and practitioner in a therapeutic partnership. It is an evolution in the practice of western medicine that better addresses the healthcare needs of the 21st century, empowering patients to achieve their highest expression of health.

Are you ready for well being? Are you ready for another way of seeing medicine? Are you ready to be an active participant in your own healthcare?

Let Paul Help.

Paul Gamache, LAc, is a licensed acupuncturist and functional medicine practitioner in La Jolla, CA. He strives to create therapeutic partnerships with his patients, and provides a personalized medicine approach to address a variety of complex health issues with targeted and effective care.

Acupuncture La Jolla, Paul Gamache

“At the very heart of the vast majority of chronic diseases, we find inflammation, oxidative stress, and poor nutritional status. Therefore, diet, lifestyle, and stress management are not only essential to restoring, maintaining, and optimizing health, but are at the core of disease prevention.” -Paul Gamache, LAc

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Paul is a very understanding and caring acupuncturist as well as functional medicine practitioner, combining those two areas of expertise, as well as a wealth of other knowledge, to help me. I have lots of weird and hard to treat symptoms in my gut health as well as allergy issues. Paul continues to find new avenues to help me get better. And he does a fantastic job treating muscular and issues I have had. Also, I referred a friend with sciatica and after only two treatments she's fine.

Fantastic! - Celia B
Fantastic! - Celia B

Seeing Paul made a huge difference in my recovery from major hip surgery. Through a combination of needle- and hand-work, he helped activate atrophied muscles, release muscle spasms, alleviate trigger points and break down scar tissue. The change was immediate and such a relief. The other thing I like about Paul is that he listens to you in a way I have found many experts in their discipline do not, and I think that might be what helps the most.

Huge Difference - Natasha B.
Huge Difference - Natasha B.

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